Terrorist bodycam: Kibbutz Sufa, looking for Israelis to murder

In this next clip, we hear that a cell phone left in the kitchen goes off, attrating the attention of the terrorists. They tear their way into the house (the family is likely hiding in their shelter). The terrorists search each room, and eventually fire a shot upstairs. Eventually they mockingly call out “Ima!” (Hebrew for “mother”). It could also be that the terrorist fired a shot to simulate an execution, and call out “Ima” to lure the mother hiding upstairs to come downstairs to save her children. We can only assume that this is the other angle of the countless cases where Israeli parents hid in shelters with their hands over their childrens mouths as the terrorists searched for them to kill them.


When you click the link below, you will be redirected to a Telegram channel, that documents the atrocities performed by Palestinian terrorists.

You will be exposed to images of burned babies, murdered elderly people and kidnapped women.

Be advised.