Suheib Abu Amer Al Razem, Israeli Arab, murdered by Hamas terrorists

This footage, taken from a GoPro camera worn by one of the Palestinian Hamas terrorists, show a terrified Suheib Abu Amer Al Razem, from the East Jerusalem town of A-Ram, an Israeli Arab, being escorted through the carnage of the Nova Massacre. The terrorists immediately identify him as an Arab from Jerusalem, and then interrogate him to extract intelligence while slapping him around.

At 00:34, we can also see another foreigner taken away, who was later executed.

In the second video, from dashcam from the same scene, we can now identify that the same “foreign worker” (as he was labeled by Hamas) being dragged away is then thrown to the side of the road and executed with a single gunshot.


When you click the link below, you will be redirected to a Telegram channel, that documents the atrocities performed by Palestinian terrorists.

You will be exposed to images of burned babies, murdered elderly people and kidnapped women.

Be advised.