Sderot: Highway massacres. Hamas terrorists are luring drivers, killing them.

Highway Massacres: When our network of guys arrived to the area on 7/10, hundreds of vehicles littered the streets and highways of southern Israel. Some were totally burned, others were riddled with bullets. Many videos emerged of systematic Hamas drive-by shootings and ambushes at intersections, followed by executions of the injured, looting of the bodies, and sometimes theft of the bodies. This footage was obtained from traffic security cameras near Sderot, and shows what happened during the first moments of these massacres. When Hamas terrorist set up ambushes and surprised Israeli drivers, killing them as they arrived one after the other. Toward the end of this video, you can see a new vehicle arrive. The terrorists fire upon the vehicle, confirming the kill, and then proceed to pull the body out. Note, the security vehicle (white jeep) was hijacked by the terrorists, and you can see him exit the vehicle later).


When you click the link below, you will be redirected to a Telegram channel, that documents the atrocities performed by Palestinian terrorists.

You will be exposed to images of burned babies, murdered elderly people and kidnapped women.

Be advised.